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Volcano Lovers

Volcano Lovers Exhibition : Special Limited Edition

Haraldur Jónsson & Katsuhiro Saiki
“Volcano Lovers – Anatomy of Feelings”

Frame Size: 12-3/4 x 20-3/4 inches (32.5cm x 52.7cm)
C-print and Drawing with custome frame
Edition of 7 Each
$1,500 Each / $4,000 for set of 3

Volcano Lovers
Anatomy of Feelings 109
Volcano Lovers
Anatomy of Feelings 208
Volcano Lovers
Anatomy of Feelings 307

The Volcano Lovers Exhibition Committee is pleased to announce a series of limited edition pieces entitled, “Volcano Lovers – Anatomy of Feelings,” a collaborative series by Icelandic artist Haraldur Jónsson and Japanese artist Katsuhiro Saiki.

These artworks subtly hint at a piece by Cuban artist, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, known as “Untitled (Perfect Lovers).


In Gonzales’ work, two identical battery-operated clocks hang alongside one another. Created in 1991, this piece was made in reaction to hearing tragic news that his lover contracted HIV. The second-hands of the two clocks appear perfectly synced. Together, the two clocks progress forward in time. Yet, it is inevitable that their pace will eventually fall out of rhythm and one will stop before the other. Poetically drawing upon the realities of human interactions and death, this work addresses the sadness of time’s passing.

Volcano Lovers is a group exhibition bringing together artists from Iceland, country of the world’s birth, and Japan, the site of the world’s extinction. Hinting upon similar concepts of partnership as seen in “Perfect Lovers,” these limited edition prints are born out of the efforts from two representative artists.

Saiki is an artist who photographs nature, drawing upon a modern sensibility of skies and mountains. The prints of these images are cropped, cut, and formed into new works. Jónsson, in contrast, turns to the emotive state of the human being just before uttering words, examining the ephemeral moment in which emotions are created. He portrays such observations through “Emotional Drawings.”

For this collaboration, Jónsson chose three of Saiki’s images and, embracing their emotive qualities, he created emotional drawings from them. Hanging alongside one another, the perfect circles of Saiki and Jónsson’s pieces are mediated by a custom frame.

The proceeds from the sale of these works will directly contribute to the fundraising efforts of the exhibition. As a tribute to the patrons who purchase these works, it would be a great honor to enlist their names in the catalogue.

For inquiries regarding purchase of these works, please contact info@volcanolovers.net. It is with great pleasure that we await your support.

Birta Guðjónsdóttir and Shinya Watanabe